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Steam heritage is one of Britain’s glories and working steam locomotive boilers are a key part of the very successful and very important heritage tourism industry. BESTT’s aim is through providing skilled training to keep steam heritage working safely and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
There are over 200 heritage centres in the UK and around 6000 working or restorable boilers on railway locomotives, traction engines and road vehicles, ships and stationary engines.

Boilers are safety critical components requiring specialist skills.
Operating at pressures sometimes exceeding 250psi (18 Bar) and above and at very high temperatures, locomotive boilers and steam systems are safety critical components. They can be kept in operation only through the application of specialist skills and equipment. 
However, many skilled specialists are now retiring and there is an increasing shortage of young people entering the industry and gaining appropriate experience. 







"Knowledge not passed on is knowledge wasted"

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