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Riveting - (subject to availability)

“Gain a key skill– become a BESTT qualified riveter”

Riveting is a core skill in steam boiler repair.  There is a shortage of skilled riveters and an increasing requirement for locomotive and repair workshops to be able to demonstrate that they have people with the right skills.

The Riveter Qualification Course, based on the BESTT syllabus and Heritage Railway Association Boiler Code of Practice covers types of rivet, rivet holes, rivet heads, length calculation, heating rivets, hydraulic riveting, safety, use of pneumatic tools and other aspects ( see the riveting module in the Training Plan at

The BESTT Riveter Qualification is based on

(i) a question and answer test on the BESTT  module topics and

(ii) an observed practical test and production of a test piece involving preparation of sample plates, assembly by riveting, and testing.Riveting_Course_Summary_2019.PDF

Experienced staff can take the test only; others,  with some engineering experience, can take a one week course leading to the test.

The test and course will be provided at a number of leading steam heritage workshops and boilersmiths around the UK.  High quality training will be provided by time served experienced boilermakers and assessed by a competent person.

For costs, dates and locations please contact:

Boiler Washout & Examination- (subject to availability)Washout_&_Exhamination_Teaching_Plan.PDF

BESTT also developed and introduced other short courses, including  boiler washout and examination. This includes removal of plugs and doors, inspection and boxing up, including practical tests.
At present the course is held at either a preserved railway workshop in Southern England and the West Midlands.

For costs, dates and locations please contact: