BESTT  Engineering Training on
mechanical overhaul of steam engines

What the HLF BESTT mechanical overhaul scheme offers.  

Where and what is the work?

Who we are looking for and how do we select

To know more about the scheme

A few weeks ahead of the formal interview we have an informal discussion to make sure you understand what's involved and can ask us any questions you may have. We may also be able to arrange a Taster Day at a heritage railway or workshop.

Want to apply?  

  1. Email BESTT( ) with your CV or contact details
    we need a contact address, email, phone number and age and to know about your education and any work experience)

  2. Tell us how you see the traineeship helping your career and

  3. what practical experience you have to tell us about at the interview (eg things you have made using moving parts or a similar project you plan to complete before the interview). Tell us also which parts of the country you are willing to go to for training. You can send us a video if you prefer.